Thyroid Issues – 4 Signs that Opened My Eyes

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Thyroid Issues – One of the hardest battles in the world, was managing my thyroid dysfunction on my own.  I had been seeing a very well known doctor in my area, and yet I was continuously miserable.  I want to share with everyone how Alternacare helped me by leaps and bounds, and am so honored to have this opportunity to do it on their website!th8XXJRXVB

Thyroid Issues – 4 Signs that Opened My Eyes

The first thing that raised a flag to me that I had thyroid issues, believe it or not, was the way I stored fat.

I noticed that I had centralized  belly fat and began growing fat under my arms.  This was so odd!  I had this extra material or magical bat wings, but sadly I couldn’t fly.  LOL.Thyroid Fat Under Arms

The next thing I noticed was that I was so tired!

All the time!  Some days, the thought of getting out of bed and taking care of my kids was terrifying. I took supplements and even a low dose of synthroid (thyroid medication), but I still felt lethargic. Thyroid Cold Hands and Feet ColdDr. Rob explained to me that my body has these little structures called mitochondria, which make energy for my body.  It was the thyroid hormone that controlled the size and number of the energy-producing mitochondria.  Unfortunately, a synthetic hormone will not work as well as my body’s natural thyroid hormone.  What?!

Next, I noticed that my hair was thinning.

I tried washing my hair less, even using castor oil and used extra caution touching it.  That’s how bad it got!  Dr. Rob explained that the active thyroid hormone (NOT the synthetic stuff), controlled blood supply to the hair.  I can’t believe how much better my hair got once I started my personal health plan that he created especially for me!Thyroid Hair Falling Out

Next, and a weird one, but my tongue!

My tongue had these weird little indents in the side of it.  Dr. Rob explained to me that this was directly related to me not having enough active thyroid hormone called T3.

Thyroid TongueNext, was a weakness in my nails.

How I used to love my nails…  Well, they were cracked and had these little ridges in them.

Thyroid Verticle Ridges

And my eyebrows!

I was losing the outer portion of my eyebrow.  I started penciling them in but that looked weird.

Thyroid Loss of Outer Eyebrow

The Protocol

I lived in Georgia but not super close to the Newnan office.  So, I couldn’t come into the office like other more local patients.  I decided to fill out the  Free Online Weight Loss & Holistic Health Evaluation Pam, Dr. Rob’s wife and Certified Nutritional Counselor called me to review the results.  She said that Dr. Rob thought I had a bromide toxicity, intestinal dysbiosis and an adrenal gland problem.  She explained that these were causing stress to my nervous system preventing my body from operating properly.

He explains more about the bromide toxicity in the below video.  So she sent me a special lab kit to test for bromide, as well as, one other kit for the other items.  She explained that there were many other thing that could cause thyroid stress.  Luckily, I and most patients, only have to test for just a few.

http://[su_youtube url=”” width=”300″ height=”200″]

Ultimately, the thing that I realized the most was that there is a cause to all health problems.  It was amazing to me that my thyroid issue wasn’t a life long sentence.  And sure enough, with his help, I was off my Snythroid, down about 40 pounds, and feeling GREAT!  I highly recommend Dr. Rob.  He has helped me so much.  He really knows what he’s doing!!! -Anonmous

A Word From Dr. Rob

Hey Guys, thanks for visiting this page! I hope you enjoyed that success story!  Below are more pictures and success stories from other patients. 

If you have a health or weight concern, no matter what it is, please reach out to me.  I’ve been doing this for 19 years and I have a true Holistic Doctorpassion to help you. 

And look, distance is not an issue.  I have worked with people from 43 other states and 19 other countries.  Especially if you live in Georgia, you don’t even have to step foot in my clinic to be helped. All you need to do to get started is fill out the Free Online Weight Loss & Holistic Health Evaluation.   I developed this online evaluation to get a good understanding of what might be behind your health or weight problem.  We will then call you to do a Free Consultation to review the evaluation results and explain more about how we can help.

Or, if you just want more information, just fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and one of my amazing staff will call you.  You can always just give us a call too 770-304-1500.

I look forward to helping you soon!

Much Love,

Dr. Rob 

Live Out of the Area?  No Problem!

If you live in Georgia but are far away from our clinic, you don’t have to come in to be helped.  Dr. Rob uses specialized, affordable sidebar_free_healthcare_evaluationholistic lab testing done though urine, hair and saliva that can be done right out of your own home.  These are the same tools that he uses to get excellent results with his local patients.  Your first step is to fill out the Free Online Weight Loss & Health Evaluation.  This helps us understand what is going on in your body so we can determine the correct labs to run.  Our Certified Nutritional Counselor Pam will call you to review the results of the above online evaluation and conduct a Free Holistic Consultation.

“AlternaCare is bringing high quality, effective, holistic healthcare and weight loss right to my front door, hotel room or wherever I am.” ~Amanda R.

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Alternacare Stands Above The Rest!

Dr. Rob Holistic_peHi! My name is Dr. Rob DeBease, DC and  I’ve been in practice for 20 years and my clinic has helped over 10,000 patients lose weight and/or resolve their unwanted health problems. We have patients/clients that live in 43 other states and 22other countries, were voted one of the local Top 10 Small Businesses of the Year, won the Kudzu Best in Award for our profession  in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Kudzu and have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Our method: If you have a thyroid problem then there is something wrong with your body.   A thyroid problem is a full body problem, meaning there is something wrong in your body that is causing the thyroid to malfunction.  We in no way claim to treat any thyroid condition, instead we use a Holistic Thyroid Consultation, Holistic Labs and Alternative Testing procedures that help us identify the true cause of issues.  We don’t treat the body, we help the body treat itself.

How It Works: 

First fill out our Free Online Health Evaluation.  This questionnaire was sidebar_free_healthcare_evaluationdesigned by Dr. Rob to help uncover some of the hidden barriers that can stop a person from being able to lose weight and/or heal itself from various health concern.  We will review your completed evaluation and then our Certified Nutritional Counselor will call you to personally review your evaluation results and explain how we can help.


In the last 20years no two patients have ever been on the same Holistic Healthcare and/or Weight Loss program. I just doesn’t happen because we are all bio-identically unique.  In truth there are no “Thyroid Cases” there is only your case.  Your situation is completely unique.

Being in the Trenches:

The doctors will be with you every step of the way doing their best to ensure that you get great results. In between visits, they are completely accessible via email, plus the AlternaCare team is an amazing support system for our at home patients.

One of our patients said that she felt like AlternaCare was a Holistic Healthcare Concierge Service.  Bringing Holistic Healthcare and Weight Loss right to her front door, hotel room or wherever she was.


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