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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • Down 5 sizes! Lower blood pressure! Feeling great!

    Mrs. Esther is feeling better than ever!


  • Lost 7 inches in just one month with Strawberry Laser!!

    Sharlene lost 7 inches with Strawberry Laser treatments in just 1 month!


  • Sleeping through the night! Feeling incredible! Energy levels over the top!

    Mrs. Linda is finally getting a full night’s sleep. She feels incredible and is loving being able to have the energy to spend time with family again!



  • Off Insulin in just 6 weeks!! Down 13 pounds as well!!

    Mrs. Diane Ayers has been coming to the clinic for roughly 6 weeks and is completely off her insulin! Her sugar levels are amazing! Her skin is clearer! She is doing amazing!!


  • Breathing easier! Increased energy levels!

    Georgia has so much energy and is breathing with no troubles!


  • All Symptoms Gone and Lost 14 Pounds in 7 Weeks!

    Mrs. Linda no longer has bloating or indigestion, and lost 14 pounds.  She feels amazing and has more energy than ever!


  • Lost 8 inches in just 1 Month!! Down 4 pound in just 6 days!!!!!

    Mrs. Tijuana Gomez lost 8 Inches doing Strawberry Laser!! Her sugar levels are completely stable!!


  • Psoriasis and sinus problems COMPLETELY IMPROVED!!

    Mrs. Cathy has seen complete improvement with both psoriasis and sinus issues. Her overall wellness has improved tremendously!


  • Sleeping through the night! No more cough attacks!

    Michelle is feeling like a new person after getting to actually sleep through the night!


  • Mother’s Tragic but Beautiful Story About Her Daughter

    Hey Guys.  This is a serious one.  I’m not going to say a whole lot out of respect for the family.  I cry every time I watch it.


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