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FREE Root Cause Health Evaluation

A 2-minute comprehensive evaluation for designed by Dr. Rob specifically for people who struggle losing weight or have an unresolved chronic health problem.

FREE Toxicity Evaluation

Should you start with a liver cleanse?  How about a kidney cleanse?  Maybe a thyroid cleanse?  Where should you begin?  Take this 2 minute Free Evaluation to help us understand if toxins may be at the Root of your chronic health or weight concern and where your starting point should be.

FREE Liver vs. Lymph

Liver and lymphatic issues can sometime have similar symptoms.  This Free Evaluation us to help you uncover if it’s your liver, lymph or something entirely different that’s behind you health and/ or weight concerns.

FREE Thyroid vs. Adrenal Evaluation

Many times a person thinks they have a thyroid problem but it’s really nothing more than an adrenal issue masquerading as a thyroid problem or vice versa.   Take this 2-minute evaluation to begin understand, which gland is the most stressed.

FREE Adrenal Stress Test

The adrenal glands can be the source of anxiety, fatigue, stress, insomnia, food cravings and weight gain.  Take this 2-minute adrenal stress test to learn more.

FREE Thyroid & Weight Evaluation

There are over 39 causes to thyroid problems.  This 2-minute evaluation is the first step towards identifying the underlying cause.

FREE Lymphatic Congestion Evaluation

You have 3 times more lymphatic fluid in your body than you have blood.  Blocks in the flow of this lymphatic fluid can be connected to many chronic health conditions including autoimmune disease.

FREE Autoimmune Evaluation

Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, MS and many other autoimmune diseases have one thing in common, they have a cause.  This Free Autoimmune Evaluation was carefully created by Dr. Rob to move us in the direction of identifying the underlying cause to autoimmune disease.

FREE Gut Health Evaluation

The gut can be the root cause of many health problems and chronic gut problems by themselves can be really rough on the individual.  Take this 2 minute Gut Evaluation to help move you in the direction of finding the possible cause to your gastrointestinal issues.

FREE Hormonal Weight Loss Evaluation


The first step is identifying which gland or glands in the body are damaged not able to produce fat burning hormones.  The above evaluation is a great tool to start you on the road to discovery.

FREE Weight Gain and PCOS Evaluation

This 2-minute PCOS evaluation is the first step in identifying the Root Cause to your PCOS and then understanding what to do.

DISCLAIMER:  These evaluations are in no way a treatment for disease or intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any medical disease or condition.  They are a tool that we use to gain a more comprehensive understanding of possible root causes to a problem.  These evaluations have not be evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or illness. 

Take our Free Root Cause Health Evaluation today!

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