5 Signs Your Weight Gain is From PCOS

How Do You Lose Weight If You Have PCOS?

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which has many frustrating symptoms including difficulty losing weight. But how do you know if your weight gain is really coming from PCOS or if it’s coming from some other problem in your body? In addition, if your weight gain is coming from PCOS, what do you do about it? Meaning, how do you lose weight if you have PCOS? How do you find the cause to your PCOS?

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The Potential Underlying Causes and Common Signs & Symptoms of PCOS


Fatigue can be the result of imbalances between testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. However, in the PCOS case, fatigue may be more closely linked to problems with the adrenal glands. Some people are unaware that when the adrenals fatigue they can have a direct impact on the ovaries. In fact, in a healthy woman, the adrenals make about 33% of all her progesterone. In some woman it’s the adrenals that set the stage for the hormonal imbalances seen in PCOS. There are special holistic lab tests not typically run in traditional medical clinics that we can utilize to determine if the adrenal glands are connected to the patient’s PCOS.

Weight Gain

There are typically one or more toxins involved in the PCOS case. These toxins produce inflammation in your ovaries, as well as, your entire body. When inflammation increases in the body so does the body’s main anti-inflammatory hormone, cortisol. The problem with this is cortisol is a very powerful fat storing hormone. In addition, too much cortisol can also increase the body’s most powerful fat storing hormone insulin. Having an elevation in two of your body’s most powerful fat storing hormones certain doesn’t bode well for weight loss.

Ovarian Cysts

When the egg is not released correctly from the ovary a cyst can develop.  Eventually, multiple cysts develop often know as, “The Ring of Pearls.” The formation of cysts can be due to an imbalance in the hormones made by your pituitary gland.


The hormonal changes and inflammation present in PCOS cases can contribute to the formation of acne that is not due to poor dermal hygiene. This acne can sometimes be cystic in nature and be present along the jaw, chin and even back.

Facial Hair

Facial Hair may be indirectly related to problems with the liver.  What?  The liver?! I know that most people are going to think that facial hair is the result of the excess testosterone often seen with PCOS, which it is, but there’s more to the story. Certain toxins can irritate the ovaries theoretically causing them to over produce testosterone. If the liver was able to detoxify correctly then these toxins would not accumulate in the body and would never effect the ovaries. As a result, you’d have normal ovary function.


This may be the result of various toxins (as mentioned above) that can negatively effect and inflame the ovaries, as well as, the rest of the body. There are affordable holistic lab tests that we use at AlternaCare to analyse more than 50 different toxins that may effect hormonal balance, inflammation and the ovaries.

Finding The Cause!

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