Thyroid Problems

The Complete A-Z Starter’s Guide for People with Thyroid Problems

How does a person’s body look when it has thyroid problems?
What are the symptoms and root causes of thyroid problems?

Thyroid Problems

This post will be broken down into 4 sections:

  • How a person’s body looks when they have thyroid problems.
  • Symptoms a person may experience when they have thyroid problems.
  • Some potential causes as to why thyroid problems develop.
  • Dr. Rob’s thoughts on the best natural approach to help people with thyroid problems.

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  • Lots of extra fat or loose skin under the arms. Some people refer to them as bat wings.
  • A loss or thinning of hair. Some will notice more hair in the brush or more hair in the drain.
  • There will typically be weight gain all over the body. This is different than the sugar case that has pre-diabetes, a big belly and no butt, or the too much estrogen case that is shaped like a pear.
  • There will be a loss of the outer part of the eyebrow.
  • The nails can become thin and weak. In addition, little vertical lines can start to appear in the nails.
  • A scalloped tongue. This is a crazy one. In the hypothyroid case, we’ll see indentations along the side of the tongue. It may be due to the tongue actually enlarging because the thyroid gland is under-active.


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  • Fatigue

    There will usually be fatigue and/or brain fog to the point where the person has difficulty remembering things and is just tired.

  • Cravings

    There will be cravings for sugar, carbohydrates and/or junk food.

  • Depression

    Depression, lack of motivation and general moodiness.

  • Feeling Cold

    Feeling cold and difficulty in getting warm, as well as as cold hands and feet.

  • Many Other Symptoms

    Other symptoms. There are many other symptoms which could indicate an under-active thyroid. They include: constipation, heavy or irregular menstrual cycles, decreased sex drive and dry skin.

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There are nearly 40 different causes to an under-active thyroid gland.  I’ve covered a few of the most common ones below.

Halogen Toxicity

Halogens are chemicals that block the absorption of iodine into the thyroid, stopping the thyroid from making thyroid hormone. Halogen toxicities are easily tested by conducting a 24-hour urine study.  Halogen toxicity is explained in detail in the below video.

Liver Detoxification Impairment

The thyroid gland makes and releases T4, which is a relatively inactive form of thyroid hormone. T4 must travel through the blood to the liver where it is converted from the inactive T4 into the active thyroid hormone called T3. Different liver problems prevent the conversion of inactive T4 to active T3.

There are lab tests available to detect these liver problems, but be aware, the standard medical “liver enzyme”  blood test is near useless. I cover liver detoxification impairment and how it can cause thyroid problems in the below video.

Adrenal Fatigue

When the adrenal glands start to weaken, they often reduce the production of certain beneficial hormones and overproduce cortisol.  Excess cortisol stops the thyroid gland from producing thyroid hormone and also interferes with the conversion of inactive T4 into active T3. Adrenal fatigue is easy to test for and can be done via saliva, dried urine or 24-hour hormone analysis.  I also cover adrenal fatigue and its connection to thyroid problems in the below video.

Natural Suggestions

Test. Test. Test.

The standard medical tests for finding a thyroid problem saves patient’s lives. However, they typically don’t do anything to identify the root cause. This usually ends up with a person having to take thyroid medication forever.

There are definitely underlying causes to most thyroid problems. Some cases may have to stay on medications forever, while others are able to significantly reduce or come off their medications by identifying and addressing the root cause to their thyroid problem.

We do not take patients off medication no do we guarantee results. As a person’s body heals their doctor often naturally starts to reduce and eventually removes their medication.

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The last thing someone should do is unnecessarily spend a ton of money on lab testing. The Free Online Thyroid Evaluation helps us hone in on the correct holistic lab testing to identify the cause. We use very affordable and highly effective holistic labs and tests.

Note: The above evaluation is in no way meant to be a form of treatment or diagnosis for thyroid disease.

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Toxins, molds, viruses, adrenal fatigue and genetic defects are just a few of the almost 40 different things that can cause or contribute to thyroid problems. The Thyroid & Weight Evaluation is the first major step in identifying the cause.

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“I lost 40 pounds! I’m off my Thyroid Medication and have my energy back!”

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