Our Philosophy

Why are you having trouble with losing weight

and keeping it off once and for all?

Maybe in the past is was easier for you to lose weight but now it’s more difficult. Maybe you used to be healthier but now struggle just to have enough energy to get through the day. It’s interesting, because when you think of it, a broken bone can heal. A cut in your skin can heal. Your body has healed from colds, stomach viruses and flus.

Your body has the ability to heal and lose weight. So why isn’t your body healing? Why are you having trouble with losing weight and keeping it off once and for all? It’s because there is something wrong with your body that is blocking your ability to heal itself, lose weight and keep it off.

Finding the cause is the first step

You see, your body actually has the ability to lose weight and be healthy there is just something stopping it from doing so. At our AlternaCare Weight Loss and Holistic Healthcare, we use a natural and noninvasive procedures to work towards detecting that thing that is stopping your body from getting truly healthy and losing weight. Once we know what is wrong, it is much easier for us to help you get healthy and lose the weight.  We are not diagnosing or treating your body, instead we are helping your body treat itself.

"It’s not 'Lose weight to get healthy' it’s 'Get healthy to lose weight'. We are helping the patient create health!

– Dr. Berg

Customization Is Key

General cleanses, various diets, detoxes, parasite cleanse and general supplements can be beneficial, however, if you are struggling with a weight or health issue, they may not be the answer. Remember there is only one of you so your program has to be specific for you, your body, your genetics, your condition.

If a low carb diet was the exact right diet for every human on planet earth then eventually every person would end up eating low carb.  Holistic healthcare, chiropractic care and other natural holistic procedures help us determine what we feel would be the best eating and supplementation program for you so you can lose the weight and really get healthy.

There is a cause to your health and/or weight issue.

Find the CAUSE. Give the body what it needs and it CAN HEAL ITSELF.

Your Body is Unique.

Your Holistic Program should be, too.

In all the years we have be helping people, we have never had two people on the exact same Holistic Program. It just doesn’t happen because our body’s are all perfectly unique and they need to be treated that way.

Take our FREE Online Holistic Health Evaluation as it is the first major step in determining the underlying cause to your weight and health problem.

Your First Step

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