Toxicity Profile

What You Need To Know

Have you ever been told by your doctor that your “lab results are normal” but you knew in your heart something was wrong?

f so, we’ll get to the possible reason why that happens in just a second, keep reading. But first you need to be aware that toxins are everywhere in our society. Our food source is being sprayed with dangerous pesticides, our meats injected with artificial hormone and our water sometimes contaminated with poisonous chemicals. These chemicals could potentially cause serious health problems.

About Toxicity

Some common every day toxins are linked to; certain types of cancers, can cause neurological problems and can greatly interfere with our hormones. When a toxic substance interferes with the hormones in your body that toxin is called an endocrine disrupter.

The word endocrine breaks down like this:

Endo = inside
Crine = to secrete

So the endocrine system is the system that contains all the glands in your body that secrete hormones. This system includes; the pituitary gland, hypothalamus gland, thyroid gland adrenal glands,  the testes, ovaries, pancreas and pineal gland.

A hormone contains in it a chemical message. Hormones tell your body to do things like; burn fat, make energy, go to sleep and so on. Doctors test the level of hormones though the blood, urine or saliva. If the hormone levels are “normal” they tell you nothing is wrong. However, what if your doctor was right? What if the amount of hormone in the blood is normal? The missing piece of the puzzle is, no one ever looked to see if something is getting in the way of the function of the hormones. That is exactly what endocrine disrupters do. This is not a problem with hormone level in the blood it is a problem with hormone function.

Endocrine Disrupters are toxic substances that look a lot like the hormone but not exactly. They clog up receptors that exist on the surface of the cell. Have you ever put a key into a lock and it fit all the way in but when you tried to turn the key it would not turn? That key is an endocrine disrupter. It is blocking up the key hole. If the wrong key is still stuck in the keyhole can you fit the right key in? No, of course not. The keyhole is blocked up with the wrong key. That is what endocrine disrupters do; they block up the receptors on the surface on the cell so the hormones can not get into them. The amount of hormone in the blood is normal. The problem here is the endocrine disrupter is preventing the hormone from getting to its destination.

Toxins can also implant in joints and contribute to arthritis as well as implant in the skin and cause a variety of skin disorders.

Process & Results

How is the test done?

The toxicity profile is done out of the privacy of your own home by collecting a simple stream of morning urine. Through your urine sample we can find the degree that toxins may be stressing your organs such as your liver and kidneys.  We can then place you on a customized eating and detoxification program.  This program is tailored entirely for you and your body.  In fact, in the last 19 years we’ve never had two patients on the exactly same Holistic Health

Results of removing toxins

Individual results vary between people but patients have reported great surges in energy, weight loss, improvements in sleep, allergy symptoms, mental clarity and reduced amounts of anxiety and stress. We are not treating these conditions but rather by helping to support healthy detoxification you are becoming healthier and as a result, no longer have the symptoms and weight issues you once did.

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The Holistic Health Examination is a truly unique procedure designed to help us identify the underlying cause to your weight and/or health concern. It helps us determine what Holistic Lab tests or other Alternative procedures might be needed to help your body regain it’s health.

Some patients state that they have never experienced anything quite like it before!

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