Meet the Providers

Dr. Robert G. DeBease, ND, DC

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy and doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. DeBease has been in private practice for over 26 years and he and his clinic have worked with over 50,000 patients and clients from all around the world.

Dr. DeBease has over 1.5 million followers online where he provides educational information to assist others in their journey towards health.

Knowledge and expertise from personal experience

Dr. DeBease has delivered over 450 public lectures, worked with professional athletes and Grammy Award winning celebrities, sat on the Advisory Board for Georgia Medical Institute and has been a guest speaker for many corporations, churches, schools and business organizations such as; Delta Airlines, Atlanta Gas and Light, Georgia Power and Charter Communications to name a few.

Dr. DeBease feels that all the different pieces of a person’s health problem fit together like a puzzle and you can’t get solve the puzzle by looking at only one piece.  He feels that we must look at the “whole” (all the pieces) hence the “hol-istic” viewpoint that he has adopted.

How Dr. DeBease Helps His Patients

View point on weight loss and health creation

Having to heal himself from serious health problems years ago, he fully understands how important it is to leave no stone un-turned when it comes to helping someone overcome their own health problems.

“If a patient has an unresolving health or weight problem, I promise there is a Root Cause.  Every patient has a Root Cause to their health and/or weight problem. Once I find what is causing their problem, I then create a customized, one-of-a-kind program, focused on helping their body heal itself.  I don’t treat the body, I get the body to treat itself.”


Dr. DeBease is licensed to practice Chiropractic in multiple states

  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences

    University of the State of New York

  • Doctorate of Traditional Naturopathy

    New Edens School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies

  • Doctorate of Chiropractic

    Life Chiropractic University

“Every weight and health issue has a cause. I want to know what that cause is and so should each patient. No patient should be OK with simply using a medication, a fad diet or nutritional supplement to “manage” a symptom or weight issue. The symptom is being caused by something.”

 – Dr. DeBease