Long Distance, FDA Approved, Zyto Wellness Evaluation

Normally $195

Now Only $39

Save $156

Zyto Full Body $39 Scan

This $39 Includes

  • A Detailed Fully Body Zyto Scan of the Following Body Parts:
    • Thyroid gland (weight, hair & nails)
    • Adrenal glands (weight, energy & sleep)
    • Liver (weight, arthritis & cholesterol)
    • Ovaries (weight, PMS, menopause)
    • Brain (brain fog, depression & anxiety)
    • Pancreas (your diabetes organ)
    • Stomach (gastritis & ulcers)
    • Small intestines (bloating & heartburn)
    • Large intestines (leaky gut & IBS)
    • Pituitary gland (hormonal balance)
    • Pineal gland (your sleep gland)
    • Kidneys (swelling & inflammation)
    • Spleen (immune function)
    • Heart (blood pressure)
    • Lungs (asthma & COPD)
    • Sinuses (allergies)
    • Lymph (immune & weight loss)
    • Hypothalmus (hunger, metabolism control, sleep wake)
    • Gallbladder (fat break down)

Financial info about the Zyto

  • Your first scan is normally $195 but now it’s only $39

  • All local patient’s future scans are normally $90 but now only $39.

  • All future long distance patient scans are included with their regular timed visit.  Please note that the scan can extend your visit time by about 5 minutes. 

  • For long distance patients:

    • We require a Fully Refundable $250 deposit to cover the cost of the hand cradle in case Fido chews it up.

    • For long distance patients a $10 monthly rental fee is charged if you choose to keep the handle cradle longer than 30 days instead of returning it.

Technical Info:

  • The Zyto Scan:
    • The Only FDA Approved Wellness Scanner
    • 100% FDA Compliant 
    • Has been tested and proven accurate at measuring the galvanic skin response.  (Galvanic skin response is used in various medical type equipment such as lie detectors.  Here it is used to help determine organs and glands that may be under stress). 
    • Tested and proven accurate and safe

Zyto Full Body $39 Scan

The Benefits for Active Patients:

  • It gives us an updated picture of exactly what’s happening now in your body right now.

  • This helps us adjust your program more effectively to hopefully provide you with faster and better results. (Results of course can’t be guaranteed in the medical world).

  • Helps us ensure that you are on the right supplements

  • Helps us ensure that you are on the best eating program.

  • Safe and cost effective.

How Does the Zyto Work?

The Zyto hand cradle is mailed to your home!

You then plug your hand cradle into your computer and download the remote scanning software.

You place your hand on the hand cradle and your doctor or coach will begin your scan.

This scan will detect organs and glands that are under stress by using galvanic skin response combined with organ and gland digital signatures. 

Zyto Full Body $39 Scan

Why Dr. Rob Loves the Zyto

The Zyto is an amazing tool that I feel improves the quality of a patient’s or client’s care by giving us a current, right now, reflection of the wellness state of their body.

Dr. Rob has stated, “It’s like I’m taking the patient that is 1,000s of miles a way me and examining them in my own office.” 

The Zyto is an amazing tool.

Most patients have never experienced anything like it.

Don’t wait until you get worse.

Be the Best Version of You!  Get Healthy Now!

Let’s add this amazing tool to your program today!

Financial info about the Zyto

  • Your first scan is normally $195.  Now only $39
  • Local patients will be grandfathered in and only pay $39 for future scans.
  • Long distance patients will have their scans included with their normal timed visit.  Note, the scan can extend the time of your visit by about 5 minutes.
  • Long Distance Patients:
  • We require a Fully Refundable $250 deposit to cover the cost of the hand cradle in case Fido chews it up.
  • A $10 monthly rental fee is charged if you choose to keep the handle cradle longer than 30 days instead of returning it.

Fully Refundable Zyto Hand Cradle

  • Price: $39.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $250.00 Quantity:
    We will mail you the Zyto Hand Cradle. You will need to pay a $250 deposit. You will be responsible for the cost to ship it back, usually $8.00. We will fully refund your $250 once we receive the Zyto Hand Cradle.
  • American Express

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