Live Cooking, Eat Right for Your Animal Type, Holiday Weight Loss Workshop

Weight Loss Holiday Cooking Workshop

Brand New Workshop! Brand New Recipes! Brand New Information!

Dr. Rob Only Teaches This Workshop 1 Time A Year. Don’t Miss It!

Workshop Topics and Gifts

  • Free E-book With Over 100 Recipes.
  • Free E-book,  Dr. Rob’s Healthy Living Handbook.
  • Eating Healthy on the Go!
  • Meals to Support Hormonal Balance.
  • Meals to Improve Brain Function, Mood and Emotions.
  • Meals to Support Healthy Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Fat Burning Desserts!
  • Sample 10 Different Meals.
  • Energy & Immune Supporting Meals!
  • Meal Prepping for Success.
  • What to Eat When You Eat Out.
  • Time Saving Meals.
  • Eating Amazing Tasty Meals During the Holidays so You Can Lose or Maintain Your Body Weight.

Dr. Robert DeBease

Dr. Robert G DeBease, BS, DC has delivered over 450 public lectures, worked with professional athletes and celebrities, sat on the Advisory Board for Georgia Medical Institute and has been a guest speaker for many corporations, churches, schools and business organizations such as; Delta Airlines, Atlanta Gas and Light, Georgia Power and Charter Communications to name a few

Dr. DeBease has also studied:

Naturopathy: The use of natural methods such as, herbs, vitamins, minerals and diet to help support the body so it can heal itself from disease and symptoms.

Functional Medicine: The use of holistic and complex laboratory analysis to determine what is behind a patients weight and health issues and the use of natural noninvasive therapies to support their body’s ability to lose weight and get well.

Restorative Endocrinology: A system designed to use natural therapies to support the healing and rebalancing of the hormonal systems of the body.

Nutritional Response Testing: A specialized technique originally brought from Germany to the US, that uses nutrition and whole food supplements to improve the health and function of the body.

Clinical Nutrition: The use of specific supplements to support damaged organs and glands.

Homeopathy: A healing system designed to utilize very small doses of herbs, minerals, vitamins and other naturally occurring substance to help the body heal itself.

Anti-Aging: The use of diet, nutritional supplements and bio-identical hormone supplements to support a more youthful, healthy body that ages more gracefully.

Herbology: The use of various whole and liquid herbs to help support the body in the returning to optimal function.

Bethany Chamblee

Bethany has a Master’s degree from the University of West Georgia, and has a strong passion to help others.  This desire to help others occurred after she overcame her own health issues through the use of alternative medicine. She has worked with Dr. Rob for over a year now and is looking forward to seeing you at the workshop and teaching you how to improve the health and quality of your life through healthy eating.

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