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Healthy Child Webinars

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A few of the many Webinar highlights:

  • Find out what VITAMINS a child may be MISSING if he can’t STAY FOCUSED in school.
  • Learn which essential FATS a child should consume to IMPROVE his CONCENTRATION
  • What is the absolute WORST meal your child cold have for BREAKFAST? Find out at this workshop!
  • Discover what color FOOD DYES and the name of the chemicals in them that can cause a child to become extremely HYPERACTIVE.
  • Learn the name of the MEDICATION that is commonly given for ADD and ADHD that can SHRINK your CHILD’S BRAIN.
  • Can a child have an infection in their body but not run a fever? Could that INFECTION cause LEARNING DISORDERS? Find out at this workshop!
  • Discover what FOODS DECREASE a child’s ability to CONCENTRATION and learn.
  • Find out what MINERALS can help DECREASE HYPERACTIVITY and improve a child’s sleep.
  • Learn all the DANGERS of RITALIN, FOCALIN and ADDERALL and what damage they can cause in your child’s body.
  • Discover the common foods a child can be allergic to and not even know it.
  • Vitamins: how to tell the difference between natural and synthetic.
  • Learn about some of the best substances a child can consume to IMPROVE BRAIN function.
  • Find out what’s behind EAR INFECTIONS.
  • Receive a Pediatric Health Assessment Handout to help determine where the SOURCE of your CHILD’S SYMPTOMS may be coming from.
  • Understand why some children are SICK ALL the TIME.
  • Learn about the connection between gluten intolerance (this is not a food allergy but an inability to break down the protein in wheat) and ADD/ADHD.
  • Find out how a child can get MERCURY toxicity and how that can be linked to ADD/ADHD type symptoms.
  • Understand how to test for a mercury TOXICITY.
  • Find out how to read a food label to reduce the level of toxic chemical in your child’s food.
  • Clear up the confusion on whether ADD is a real disease or just a bunch of symptoms thrown together.
  • What’s the one BIGGEST MISTAKE parents can make when they have a child who has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.
  • Find out what every parent should know is they have a child with ADD/ADHD.

Testimonial from a parent

LoganHe is so proud of himself! Every day he is so excited to show me his behavior chart.
I appreciate you seeing him and helping us! He is still an active little boy but he is not rude or aggressive. He is loving and respectful! I did not expect to see results so soon!

Thanks again!

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