Winter Sadness? Is this the Cause?

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Winter Sadness? Is this the Cause?

Did you know that low levels of vitamin D could be causing winter sadness especially in older adults, people with dark skin and people who are overweight?

Vitamin D has many health benefits including reducing winter sadness or depression. Vitamin D also allows your body to absorb calcium, so if your vitamin D levels are insufficient it can cause pain in your joints, back and legs. Having vitamin D deficiency can also feel tired and fatigued and you may struggle to keep up with everyday tasks because vitamin D helps keep the body energized.  Using supplements with vitamin is a great way improve your energy level.Winter Sadness? Is this the Cause?

A study done on 80 elderly people found that the ones that were the most depressed where 11 times more deficient in vitamin D. Depression is not a normal part of growing older. There are several factors that cause vitamin D deficiency in the elderly such as spending more time indoors, reduced appetite and skin thinning causing the vitamin D synthesis to become less efficient.Winter Sadness? Is this the Cause?

Another factor in vitamin D deficiency is people with dark skin have less ability to produce vitamin D from the sun. The skin acts like a sunscreen so you don’t get to absorb as much vitamin D.
Winter Sadness? Is this the Cause?

People who are overweight are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency because vitamin D is a very powerful fat storing vitamin. Fat cells will often absorb vitamin D instead of letting the vitamin do its important work. So if you are overweight it may mean that you need more vitamin D.

Winter Sadness? Is this the Cause?

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