Why Your Detox Failed

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Why Your Detox Failed

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Why Your Detox Failed

Have you tried a detox program but felt worse during or right after it?  Maybe you embarked on a detox but you didn’t see the results you were hoping to see.

Now this all means one thing, your detox failed.  Now, why would a detox fail?  I thought they’re supposed to be good for you.

I’m going to explain why your detox failed but first we need to understand the order in which you need to detoxify.  Meaning, it’s not enough to just know the numbers and letters in you computer’s password.  You have to know the correct order to type them in.

If you get the order wrong then you will not be able to get into your computer.   The first two parts of that body that you must look at before we can begin a detoxification plan are the colon and kidneys.  They must be clear and functioning well.

Why?  well, because that’s the last place toxins leave your body, aside from your breath and skin.  Toxins leave through the stool via the colon and through the urine via the kidneys.

Why Your Detox Failed

Your cells make toxins as part of normal daily cellular metabolism. Those toxins then leave the cells and go into the bloodstream or lymphatic system. From there the toxins then go into the the liver and the liver drains the toxins into either the kidneys, where they are filtered out as urine, or into the colon where they are sent out as stool.

Why Your Detox Failed

Some people try to do a detox but their colon is jammed up from constipation, yeast, or other toxins. If the liver tries to dump more toxins into an already overfilled toxic colon then the colon will back up. Why Your Detox Failed

These toxins are then pushed out into the bloodstream or lymphatic system where they essentially poison your body.

Ultimately they can make you feel worse and also negatively impact your health.

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So a toxic colon is the first reason why a persons detoxification program might fail. Next we need to look at the kidneys because the liver is going to drain toxins there to be sent out as urine.

If the kidneys can’t filter out the toxins efficiently then these toxins back up into the bloodstream or into the liver. Now you feel worse.

So before we can begin a detox we have to make sure that the colon and the kidney are clear.

If you try a lymphatic detox and your liver is congested it won’t work. The lymphatic fluid gets stuck in the liver and the liver dumps it back into the bloodstream. Why Your Detox FailedIf you do a cellular cleanse and the lymphatic system is full of junk your detox won’t work because a detox must be done in the correct sequence. You have to make sure the colon and kidneys are clear before you detox your liver, the liver must be detoxed before you detox your lymphatic system and all of them must be clear before you start a cellular cleanse. Why Your Detox Failed

It’s not about knowing what is wrong in the body, it’s also about knowing the order in which you have to correct things.

Much Love,

Dr. Rob

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