Why Thermography for Breast Health?

-Possibly detects cancer 5 to 8 years before a mammogram

-Safe and completely painless

-No radiation

-No compression

-FDA Cleared as a adjunctive breast cancer screening procedure


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What is thermography?

How is thermography performed?

Thermography Special 

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What is Thermography?

When a cancer cell wants to turn into a tumor it causes the body to grown new blood vessels that feed it more nutrients–this process is called angiogenesis.

When you have an increased amount of blood to an area that area will get hotter.  Thermography is a completely painless procedure where a specialized medical camera is used to view the human body and detect these hot areas.

Procedures such as, mammograms, MRI, CAT scans and ultrasound detect tumors and growths, which are structural changes.   The hot areas on thermography are often seen long  before structural changes, such as tumors.

Thermography by itself won’t do the job of a mammogram, however, it may tell you that cancer is forming way before the mammogram.  This is why thermography was approved by the FDA as an adjunctive early cancer screening procedure.  It can tell you, “Hey, it’s time to get an MRI or some other diagnostic procedure before something big starts to form.”

How is Thermography Performed?

A specialized medical camera is used that detects heat in the human body.   Areas of excessive heat may be early indicators of the beginning stages of disease, such as cancer.

The breast thermography procedure is completely painless and is performed by first having the patient take off their shirt and acclimate to the room.

Next, our nationally certified female thermography technician will take a thermograph of the patient by simply pointing the camera at them.

That thermographic picture is sent securely to a specialist that has been reading thermography scans for over 20 years.  He will generate a report and that report is reviewed with the patient.

A breast thermography scan usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

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