Your First Holistic Visit

Hi, this is Dr. Rob.

Our Holistic Exam is normally $175 and I’m only going to ask you to pay $10–you will save $165.

I’m doing this because I know you might be skeptical, and in truth, you have every right to be.   

Please let me earn your trust and show you how much we can help you. 

And look, I understand what you are going through.

The same exact technology we use on our patients every day, I had to use to help myself.

Yep, that’s me!….Yuck!

Most patients have said that they have never experienced anything like this Holistic Exam.

What’s included in Your $10 (normally $175) Holistic Exam?

This $10 Special Includes

  • A Detailed Holistic Exam by the Doctor of the Following Body Parts:

    • Thyroid gland (Weight Loss, Hair & Nails)

    • Adrenal glands (Weight Loss, Energy & Sleep)

    • Liver (Weight Loss, Arthritis & Cholesterol)

    • Ovaries (Weight Loss, PMS, Perimenopause)

    • Brain (Brain Fog, Anxiety & Depression)

    • Pancreas (Your Diabetes Organ)

    • Stomach (Gastritis & Ulcers)

    • Small intestines (Bloating & Heartburn)

    • Large intestines (Leaky Gut & IBS)

    • Pituitary gland (Hormonal Balance)

    • Pineal gland (Your Sleep Gland)

    • Kidneys (Swelling & Inflammation)

    • Spleen (Immune System)

    • Heart (Blood Pressure)

    • Lungs (Asthma & COPD)

    • Sinuses (Allergies, Sinus Infections)

    • Lymph (Immune System, Weight Loss)

    • Areas of pain and/or inflammation

    • Note: You are completely clothed throughout the exam

  • A PH Assessment

  • A Blood Pressure Assessment

  • An Adrenal Responsive Test

  • Body Weight

  • Body Fat Analysis

  • A Consultation with one of our Doctors and

  • An additional Consultation with Our Certified Nutritional Counselor or Certified Health Coach

  • A Free Report of Findings Covering What the Doctor Found

  • A Free Health Investment Estimation–Before You Start Anything We’ll Give You the Costs Up Front.

  • This is normally $175 depending on the complexity of your case but until November 14th it’s only $10.

Don’t Wait Until You Get Worse

Be the Best Version of You!  Get Healthy Now!

Pay for Exam $10

Valid Online Only, Expires November 14th

Additional Info-What We Do On Your First Visit

We Really Want To Earn Your Trust and Show You That We Can Help

Pay for Exam $10

Holistic Exam Normally $175

  You Save $165

Some Happy Patients That Gave Us A Chance!

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This Offer Will Go Away November 14th

Pay for Exam $10

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