Category: Patient Testimonials, Weight Problems • Jun 27 2011

Luckly I have a wife who loves me, she brought me the Alternacare brochure and I read about the things that are holding me back and solutions to these problems. My family history and my life long battle with weight loss and other ailments had me in a very bad mental place. I came into Alternacare with concerns about my lower back, cronic hip pain and an expanding waisteline and the inability to sleep through the night wihout waking 4 to 5 times through the night. The doctors and nurses at Alternacare put me on a plan that  involved chiropractic and holistic health care.  The results have been outstanding in such a short peirod of time.  I look forward to continuing my active life style with confidence and my goal is to complete my first 5K race next summer.

Tay Compton


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