When I first came to Alternacare I was over 200 lbs, didn’t sleep at night, had no energy throughout the day and could not lose weight (even though I ate healthy and exercised).

After a few weeks of following Dr. Rob’s instructions my energy increased and I was able to sleep at night.  He thoroughly explained the results of each test which helped me to understand why my body and I have been battling against each other for so many years.

When we began to work on my weight the results were amazing.  Everything seemed to come together; peaceful sleep, energy and weight loss.

It’s been 2 months since I achieved my weight goal of 165lbs and the results are still in effect.  I am maintaining my weight, sleeping well and am full of energy.

Meeting Dr. Rob and the Alternacare staff was an answer to my prayer.  I had been researching natural, healthy and holistic approaches to a positive lifestyle change for years.  God sent me directly to someone who has the knowledge and anointing to help me.  I praise God for Dr. Rob and the Alternacare Staff!

Hope Yeadon.

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