……………..Dr. Rob had me do a saliva test and found that I had issues with my
adrenals. He tailored a program to my body’s needs and told me, “Remember,
it is not ‘I want to lose weight to and get healthy.’ It is, ‘Get your body
healthy and it will lose weight.'” I took the supplements and modified my
eating habits to meet Dr. Rob’s recommendation. Within a week I felt more
rested than I had in 20 years. After a few weeks on the supplements, Dr.
Rob started me on the customized eating program. I started at 164.4 pounds on
October 8th and by December 31st, I lost 23 pounds. That was through
Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Now, thanks to Dr. Rob…I now sleep through the night, I have so much more
energy, I don’t flail my legs anymore and my cholesterol medication has been
cut in half. I have a follow-up on in 3 months with my primary care doctor
to possibly be taken off it completely. I was truly amazed at how the
seemingly unrelated wellness issues are all connected. By getting my
adrenals healthy, everything else just fell into healthy. I absolutely love
the results!

Laura Westscott.

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