When I first came into Alternacare I had no energy, sleeping problems, digestion, constipation and abdominal pain, depression and I needed to loose weight.  I tried a number of things such as laxatives, dieting, energy pill and energy drinks and was even drinking 10 mountain dews a day to try and alleviate some of my symptoms however I was still tired and doing poorly in school.  I was grumpy, overwhelmed and fed up with everything.  It really affected my life in a negative way.  I could not take my kids anywhere or get anything done because I was sleeping all the time but not feeling refreshed.  After I received treatment here at Alternacare my kids and I are able to go out on the weekends and spend time together, I’m making up my bad grades at Devry and I don’t wake up all night long.  Exercise is even more fun and less of an obligation or requirement.  I have lost 16 pounds so far without laxatives and I have much more energy and no depression.  My sleep is very restful and I have a much better attitude about myself and goals for my future again.

Randal G. Farman


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