Dear Dr. Rob,

It has now been a year since I first visited your offices and began the holistic total well-ness program.  At age 82 I feel better and enjoy better health that I did when I was 75.    Even though I did not need to lose a lot of weight, the weight that I did lose had a lot to do with the way I feel.  Not only did I lose the weight I was carrying but I lost two inches in my waist.    My arthritis pain is under control and I get around with ease.  In fact, I am enjoying playing golf once more (and with passion I might add).    I got through the allergy season with flying colors and without the stuffy-runny nose and itchy eyes that I had before ‘Alternacare’.    I have not had a headache or a cold in over a year.  In other words, I feel great and I owe much of this to you and your staff.

Any business, in order to thrive and be successful, must be professional.  You have put together a team that certainly meets that description. Chuck, Stacey, Nola and Pam are always a pleasure to see and are always helpful.

As you can see, I am well pleased with the results that I have achieved thus far and I eagerly approach my maintenance program in the weeks and months to come.

Sincerely Yours,

Quinton King


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