Weight, Sleep, Food Cravings, Energy, Mucous Drainage, Bloating, Swollen Ankles, Migraines.Life was just uncomfortable for me.

When I first came to Alternacare I was tired, overweight, couldn’t sleep well, had food cravings, had very low energy, I could get out of breath easily. Life was just very uncomfortable for me. I also was bloated and had swollen ankles.
Since beginning my appointments about three months ago I’ve lost weight, I started at two hundred and twenty-six pounds and now I am at two hundred and eight pounds. I no longer have swollen ankles or bloating. The severe mucous and drainage has stopped. The migraines I used to get are very rare. Now a good night’s rest is no longer a stranger to me. My energy level has increased tremendously, to the point where an afternoon nap is no longer necessary. Light exercise is something to look forward to rather than something that drained what little energy I had. Food cravings are gone. I’m feeling like a new person who enjoys eating, living and has general sense of well-being.
I am so grateful to Dr. Poli and the people at Alternacare. I am most grateful that I chose to come to Alternacare. Thank you everyone!


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