For many years I have fought the weight battle, more recently I began to fight the battle of depression, headache, PMS and body and joint pain.  I would drive past Alternacare day after day wondering what it was all about.  When I received one of their fliers in the mail and read about what they do I was beyond wondering and made the call for a visit.  From the first visit where it was explained to me how everything works, I was amazed at the possibilities!

I made the commitment to get help and help they did!  I have lost 23 pounds, my headaches and body aches are gone.  PMS, well what PMS?  I am seeing weight loss regularly and for the first time in a very long time, I can see my goals being reached!  Alternacare is amazing and fun and you see RESULTS!  If you are waiting, STOP AND DO IT!  Making that first call has changed my life, it can change yours too.

Felicia Walker


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