Weight Loss, Vertigo, Dizziness, Numbness

When I came to Alternacare, I had several problems, notably vertigo and dizziness. I also had problems with numbness in the forepart of my thighs, on both legs, and numbness in my feet. I was overweight and lethargic.
Since my treatments here at Alternacare, my Vertigo is nil, and the dizziness is hardly felt anymore. I’m still having some treatments, and expect the dizziness to be completely gone soon. I was not able to stand in the middle of the room and put my pants on without falling over. Neither could I stand very well on one foot. At times the vertigo would cause me to fall forward, or sideways after getting up out of a chair. I would get dizzy if I got up from lying down rapidly. I would get dizzy if I laid on my right side. I could get dizzy turning my head to the right to far, or looking up while turning my head. The dizziness would be so bad at times I would call for someone to help me or to hold me to keep me from falling, or rolling to catch my balance. I have had this problem for several years.
I now can put my pants on in the middle of the floor, turn my head as far as I want, look up and around, lay on my right side. I have had other treatments for my dizziness before coming to Alternacare. I’m not saying one source is or was any better than the other only the treatments here seem to have had better success that the other. Where as I have been treated for years, I have been treated here for weeks.
The numbness in my legs and feet are hardly noticed. My legs would bend me over in pain. I seldom have these spells anymore, and when I get one it lasts a lot shorter and is less frequent.
I have reached the halfway point on my goal to losing weight. I am looking forward to continuing this process till I reach my goal weigh. At this point I have lost around twenty pounds, looking to go another twenty, or a little more.
My treatment here at Alternacare has been very successful for me.
Gary Loze


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