Weight Loss, Anxiety Reducing, Muscle Building Food

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The substance that we are going to talk about today in the food is called Ecdysterone.

Ecdysterone has been shown, in clinical studies, to improve lean muscle mass. When you build lean muscle your metabolism goes up and you burn more fat. The less fat you have and more muscle on your frame means that your chances of developing certain diseases decrease.

 Weight Loss, Anxiety Reducing, Muscle Building FoodEcdysterone also works with the GABA receptors in our brain. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps us feel calm. GABA helps reduce stress and anxiety.  Weight Loss, Anxiety Reducing, Muscle Building Food

Where do we find this amazing substance? You can find ecdysterone in spinach. Weight Loss, Anxiety Reducing, Muscle Building Food

Cooking spinach correctly is key! When you utilize spinach you have to boil the spinach for one minute. You can’t fry, steam or sauté the spinach. After one minute you strain or press the spinach to get rid of all the water. Now you can stir fry it, eat the spinach the way it is or put it in a smoothie. Weight Loss, Anxiety Reducing, Muscle Building Food

So why is boiling spinach so important?

In spinach is the presence of antinutrients. Antinutrients  can reduce the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. These antinutrients can also cause inflammation in the body, damage the lining of the stomach and are most commonly associated with kidney stones. Weight Loss, Anxiety Reducing, Muscle Building FoodFor example, in a serving of raw spinach there is 95 mg of calcium. Once you boil the spinach that 95 mg of calcium goes up to 300 mg of calcium. By boiling the spinach you not only increase the calcium and ecdysterone but also  magnesium and iron.

 Weight Loss, Anxiety Reducing, Muscle Building Food

This is why spinach is amazing for weight loss, muscle building and to help reduce anxiety.

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