Allergies, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Mood Swings all Improved! Weight Dropping Off!

I initially sought treatment for menopausal symptoms and weight loss. Over the past one and a half years I slowly put on 15lbs, which affected my overall daily living. In addition, I have lived with sinus allergies for over two and a half years.
Once I started uncovering the deficiencies of my health such as adrenal insufficiency and food allergies, I am amazed how greatly improved my quality of life is. My allergies such as sneezing, coughing, post nasal drip and scratchy throat is a thing of the past.  My hot flashes and mood swings have diminished and I have boundless energy. My weight is dropping off now that I know what to eat.
I have not felt this healthy in years.
Debbie Davis


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