Weight, Lack of Energy, Memory Loss, Hot Flashes

Category: Fatigue, Memory/Brain Issues, Patient Testimonials • Sep 14 2009

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My first visit to Alternacare was purely a fact-finding visit to appease my curiosity after reading their brochure. For a while, I had been feeling very lethargic, I had no energy, had trouble sleeping though the night, and could not lose weight. My memory loss had me feeling much older than I should. After reviewing my test results I was amazed. I have a long way to go to correct the abuse I have placed on my body though the years. Since beginning their program I have so much more energy, my memory loss (fog) has improved. I am now sleeping though the night, I have very few hot flashes and at present, I have lost 15.5 pounds. I am so happy with my results thus far. I am excited about continuing my program with even greater results. I fell great!
Marlynn Lowery


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