Weight Gain, Intestinal Systems, Fogginess

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I have never been really slim but during my 2nd pregnancy I gained 30 lbs. My baby weighted 10lbs, the other 20 lbs stayed with me. Over the years the I gained a little, lost a little, gained again. Then I was in a bad accident and had accident and had several surgeries, had to take about 10 different antibiotics over the course of a year and would end up with a completely out of balance intestinal system. An over whelming tired ness at all times and stomach pains, fogginess so bad that driving in a car became scary.

When I saw the flyer about hormones in our paper, I decided to give Alternacare a try. Now 6 months later my head is clear and my stomach pains are gone! And along the way I lost about 15 pounds. I feel in control of my body again and I’m not afraid to drive any more. Thanks to all of you here at Alternacare!


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