Weight, Fatigue, Digestion, and Irritability

          I first encountered Alternacare through reading a pamphlet in my local newspaper. The article touched on many of the symptoms I had been experiencing such as inability to lose weight, fatigue, digestion problems and irritability. This piqued my curiosity and so I decided to attend a Healthy Living Workshop. While in the workshop, I felt Dr. Rob was talking directly to me and addressing the concerns that I had over my health. I thought to myself finally someone is telling me what I was experiencing were things that could be fixed in a natural and healthy way rather than just masked with prescribed medication. It all sounded a little “to good to be true” and in all honesty I was a bit skeptical of the holistic approach.
          I then did further research on the computer and saw so many success stories from people who took this approach to feeling better. I then set up my consultation appointment with Pam. Talking to Pam was very easy and while discussing my concerns she was very reassuring- I was sold, now to sell to my husband. At first, my husband bulked at the cost and he also was skeptical of the “holistic” approach. He felt that I should go to an endocrinologist and get another opinion. At this point, I reminded him that over the past 2 years I had been to both my gynecologist and internist and had blood work taken to test both my thyroid and hormones. All tests returned with all levels in “normal” range. So……. We took a leap of faith and I began to work with Dr. Rob and Dr. Poli.
          I can now say that after 3 months I have lost 14 pounds, I am not fatigued; I have learned so much from this experience. I enjoy eating healthy and have really gained a better understanding on how my body works. As a result of this very rewarding experience, I know what I need to do to keep both my family and myself healthy.
I am so grateful I took that leap of faith and encourage others to do the same thing.
Age 44
Mother of two young children


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