I started to coming to Alternacare after attending one of  Dr.DeBease’s workshops.
I had suffered with Severe Joint Pain, Diabetes, No Energy and Weight gain for 12 years. I was always tired, out of sorts, and my health issues were consuming a great portion of my time. My quality of life was spiraling downhill.
I had seen doctors for this and all they could tell me was that I was getting older and you can’t do the things you did when you were younger. I was put on Glucophage, Actos, and Glipizide (Diabetes), Levothyroxin (Thyroid),  Dyclofenac (antiinflammatory), and Altace (Blood Pressure).
After just 5 days on a specific liver diet, I lost 10 pounds! Since then I have lost a total of 28 lbs.
I have stopped taking Actos, Glipizide Dyclofenac and Altace.
I feel better and I am able to be more active and I actually hurt less now than when I was taking all of the medications.
I have refereed football since 1983 and have always taken some type of pain medication to get through the day, especially on Saturdays when we do 5-6 games/day.
Now, I have started a citrus drink that Dr.Rob gave me and haven’t had to take anything for pain since! I have done so well other referees are asking about it.
My Saturday nights used to mean no sleep because I was constantly waking up with cramps. Now I am able to get things done around my house, which I could never got do before, especially during football season.
Needless to say I have more energy than before, but the aches and pains are the problems I miss the least!

Steve M.
Fayetteville, GA.

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