Category: Fatigue, Patient Testimonials, Weight Problems • Jun 5 2012

I’m so pleased with my results, besides being the size I was before I got married, I feel so good.  I used to have trouble getting out of bed.  I was awake naturally at 4:45 this morning to get started with my day.  I love the extra time I’ve found.  My body’s ability to absorb vitamins was dramatic.  I went from extremely low on vitamin D levels to a great range in just a few months.  The pharmacist had told me that usually when you drop as low as I was that I’d never catch up.  She was wrong I’m happy to say. The money I’ve spent has been worth every penny and I’m grateful to Dr. Rob and the amazing staff for all the encouragement!  I must add that Chuck’s testimonial really caught my attention, that’s why invited my parents to hear it………I’ve had a total weight loss of 35.2 pounds.

Tara Hutchens.

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