Walking Technique to Reduce Cortisol, Belly Fat and Stress w/ Dr. Rob

Category: Blog, Videos • Aug 28 2019

Scroll down for written instructions and theory.

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Walking, should be easy right?  I mean, come on, you’ve been doing it your entire life.  Well, you’ve probably not walked like I show you in the above video.

Walking to lower cortisol, reduce stress and improve fat burning, is very different than the way probably 99% of the population has been walking.

Below is the concept and the steps involved.

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Ok, so let’s get into it.  How do we do this walking technique and why does it work?

Theory and Instructions of the Walking Technique:

Create space.

How do we create space?  We spend a lot of time looking at computer screens, TVs, the walls in our house, kitchen appliances, each other so on and so forth.  Ok, so where am I going here?  SPACE!  We have no space!  We are not creating space.  We need to look out at our environment, with distance between us and the area around us to create space.  Looking at a tree 100 feet away or a cloud that can be as far as 25,000 feet away is creating space.

Why do we need to create space?

Problems can be stressful for some of us.  Concentrating on our problems raises cortisol, the stress hormone.  When we focus on our problems we are in our heads. 

So we need to get out of our heads, and how do we do that?  Well, one way is to literally look out.  Look at the environment.  Look at the trees, the clouds, the roof tops, mailboxes, dogs, cats, grass so on and so forth.  Look out!

Don’t look down at the ground.  Don’t stare off mindlessly into the distance and never really notice anything.  Some people can “stare” at the environment while walking but never see a thing.  They are too cooped up in their own heads.  They are mired down by their problems.  Look out people!  If you have to then force yourself to look out while you’re walking.


Walk in positivity.

Always walk with people that you enjoy and that are positive.

Never walk with the negative Nancy, the Debbie downer, Sadness Sam.  No, instead walk with positive Pete, Super Happy Sue and Laughing Laura!  You don’t want to talk about your problems when you do this type of walking.

NO PROBLEMS ALLOWED!  NO NEGATIVITY PERMITTED on this type of walk.  It’s not a time to air your grievances or anything of this nature.   Now is the time to laugh, walk and look.


Periodic deep breathing.

Use the deep breathing technique while you are walking that I demonstrate in the second half of the above video.

You don’t have to deep breath the entire time that you are walking, but if you just do it once or twice each minute that you are walking you are really going to

Now this might sound so simple you are thinking how could that really make a difference?  Trust me, give it a shot.  One person on Facebook stated that they tried this method for only 2 days and they felt less stressed.  So give it a shot.

When you are not thinking of your problems, are extroverted onto the environment, are laughing with a friend.  are moving your body and deeply breathing in oxygenated air, you are going to feel great!

You will de-stress, lower cortisol and burn more fat.  More importantly, you are going to greatly improve your health and I really believe that.  Doing this for a a few months will greatly improve most people’s health.

Much Love,

Dr. Rob

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