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My daughter has had urinary tract issues since she was three years old, (she just turned six in August) the doctor called it chronic urinary. My daughter has a pediatrician, urologist and gynecologist. All of these doctors have seen her over the last three years had the conclusion that, “ She will grow out of it.” The longest period of time that she has been off of antibiotics prior to seeing Dr. Rob was three days. That means for 2 ½ years of her life she has taken antibiotics. What has also followed with that was horrible yeast infections, she was never comfortable. It had an effect on everything she did and all of us as a family. It is a horrible thing to watch your daughter in pain and discomfort from urinary and yeast infection issues.

We started seeing Dr. Rob in March. As of the second week of June, she has not had a urinary tract infection and it is now October. Over the last 2 ½ years she as missed a lot of school and we have missed a lot of work. I only dreamed that our life could be normal again, but we have it back again. She loves her adjustments from Dr. Poli. Her holistic healthcare has been a miracle in our lives. All I did was pray to God that an answer would come and it showed up in the mail in a small newspaper with the heading Alternacare.

We are Thankful for the Whole Staff.

Lori Verjan.

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