Category: Blog • Sep 14 2011

Here’s what occurring:

  • The FDA’s new Draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients could make it impossible for you to purchase some of your favorite dietary supplements.


  • The FDA will require current supplement manufactures to comply with potentially very expensive studies regarding the safety of the supplements using dosages that most people would never consider taking.  It is possible that this could cause supplement manufacturing companies to go out of business as they could not afford to comply with such expensive “guidelines.”  The pharmaceutical companies would then be the only manufacturers of supplements in America.


  • DSHEA is a law passed in 1994 that classifies supplements as foods.  The FDA’s guidelines are attempting to classify them as “food additives.”  Food additives are substances that in normal amounts would be dangerous to consume.  Accordingly, the FDA makes sure only very small amounts of the food additive or amounts of the food additive incapable of affecting the biology of a person are in your food.  If nutritional supplements were classified as “food additives” then we’d only be able to have amounts that were incapable of affecting our biology.  The whole purpose of a supplement is to have  positive affect on our biology.

 Take action now!  Defend your right to use supplements by clicking on the below link and contacting your congressmen.


If you’d like to read the actual FDA’s Draft please click on the below link.


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