Toxic Chemicals – Most Toxic Brands!

Category: Blog, Videos • Mar 2 2017

Toxic Chemicals – The chemicals in our household are at the top of the list of disease-causing health issues in our society. Chemical-containing household products such as make-up, shampoo, moisturizers, and cleaners can reap serious impacts on your health.  In this video, Dr. Rob discusses this nonprofit organization and the free online web service and report available to everyone.  This is a video that you don’t want to miss!


Root Cause

Toxic Chemicals

One of the biggest myths that we believe is that the products that are made for our homes or especially for our skin, are good for us.  The scary truth is, many of the things we put on our skin and inhale are extremely toxic.  The average household contains about 62 hazardous chemicals. We’re exposed to them every day.  The companies that make these products claim that at small doses, these chemicals are harmless. The thing is, we are exposed to them every single day, and when you’re exposed daily, it’s bound to catch up to you.
 So, what can you do?
Do your research and make your own!  There are hundreds, upon hundreds of recipes using natural and safe ingredients.  There are also some great companies out there that make it their mission to create an organic and safe home environment.  What’s best, these companies sell their product at local grocery stores.  What’s more, you can find them in aisles such as cosmetics, hair care, oral care, and household cleaning.
Furthermore, toxic chemicals are everywhere! I hope you find this as important as we do, and that you are able to incorporate safer products into your regimens!
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