Tiredness, Lack of Sleep, Weight Gain

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I am a 56-year-old female that felt like a 75 year old. I was tired, could not sleep, and was unable to lose weight. In fact, I gained weight even without eating. My body was out of shape. Then a friend told me about a seminar in Sharpsburg on Saturday. I didn’t feel like driving but I came just to see what it was about. At the seminar I learned that my tiredness, lack of sleep, and weight gain could be explained. My body was not getting the nutrients it needed to function properly. After searching for so long, having doctors tell me “ I just needed to walk to the mail box” or “you just have bad genes,” I now had the answer. It is not easy, I had to learn to eat the right foods and to take the nutrients my body needed, but after 4 months, I feel great! I am no longer tired, I can sleep at night, I feel good and best of all I am losing the weight that for so long I could not lose. Thank you Dr. Poli!

Cheryl Everhart.

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