Thyroid Problems & Weight Gain Caused by this Bacteria

Category: Blog, Videos • Jan 16 2020

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There are many different causes to hypothyroidism. One of them has to do with…

a concept called molecular mimicry.  Molecular mimicry has to do with proteins that are on the surface of bacteria, as well as, on the surface of your thyroid gland.

The immune system is able to identify if a bacteria is bad or good by how it looks.  Well, really it knows if it’s bad or good based on how the surface of the bacteria looks.

Good bacteria have certain proteins on their surface that tell the immune system, “I’m one of the good guys.”

While bad bacteria have proteins on their surface that tell the immune system that they might want to cause harm.

Almost like if you saw someone lurking around the outside of your home with a gun a 2 a.m., you might want to call the cops.

Now what does this all have to do with your thyroid gland?  Well, there is a certain type of bacteria that got pretty smart.  In fact, it figured out how to look similar to one of your cells, particularly your thyroid cell, so the immune system would think it’s friendly.

Free Online Thyroid Evaluation

However, once this bacteria starts attacking your body then your immune system realizes it must be bad and starts to attack it.

Now why is this such a bad thing?

Well, the problem is this bacteria looks like your thyroid cell.

Once the immune has labeled this bacteria as bad then it might just label your thyroid as bad.

If the thyroid is labeled bad then the immune system starts to attack the thyroid and the next thing you know…hypothyroidism.

Particularly, the autoimmune disease hashimoto’s thyroiditis can develop.

At AlternaCare we don’t treat thyroid disease or any disease for that matter with nutrition or natural healthcare.

At AlternaCare we help to identify the underlying cause of a person’s thyroid or weight problem and then help to support the body by giving it what it needs so it can heal itself.

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Dr. Rob

Free Online Thyroid Evaluation

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Free Online Thyroid Evaluation

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Toxins, molds, viruses, adrenal fatigue and genetic defects are just a few of the almost 40 different things that can cause or contribute to thyroid problems. The Thyroid & Weight Evaluation is the first major step in identifying the cause.

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