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Date: Thursday February 13th

Time: 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Webinar Hot Topics

The Thyroid Menu
Learn the foods that may be beneficial for thyroid function and healthy weight loss and, which may be harmful.

Understand the Best Time of Day to Eat to Support Thyroid Function and Healthy Weight Loss

Learn How to Use Iodine as Sometimes it can be Great and Others Times a Toxin.

Understanding and Ordering Thyroid Lab Tests
Understand what a full thyroid panel should look like and how to read it.

Acupressure Points for Thyroid Health
Learn the thyroid acupressure points that can help reduce thyroid stress and support health.

Supplements to Help the Thyroid
The key supplements that are needed for support for a healthy thyroid and weight loss.

Great Thyroid Exercises
The beneficial thyroid exercises that most people don’t associate with thyroid health and weight loss.

Bonus: Learn the one thing that is extremely vital for thyroid function. Most people have no idea about this one.

Dr. Robert G DeBease, DC, ND is a Naturopath and a Chiropractor.  He has been in private practice for over 23 years and has worked with over 25,000 patients and clients from 43 other US States and 23 countries. Dr. DeBease has delivered over 450 public lectures, worked with professional athletes and Grammy Award winning celebrities, sat on the Advisory Board for Georgia Medical Institute.

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4 Signs It’s Your Thyroid

How does a person’s body look when it has thyroid problems?

What are the symptoms and causes of thyroid problems?

And what are some natural things that can be done to support the health of the Thyroid Gland?

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What is your Body Type?

Your body type might be the problem.

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