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A person may have thyroid symptoms and positive blood work showing that they have a thyroid problem but in truth they might not really have a “thyroid problem.”

The liver, kidneys, pituitary gland and adrenal glands are all potential underlying causes to thyroid problems.

For example, your thyroid makes a hormone called thyroxine (T4).

T4 itself is not a very active hormone–it doesn’t do much in the body. It must travel to the liver to get converted from T4 to it’s more active form T3.

However, if the liver is stressed and/or malfunctioning it may not be able to convert enough T4 to T3.

This then could make thyroid hormone levels look low on medical blood work causing a diagnosis of hypothyroidism to occur.

The real question we need to answer is why is the hormone level low?

What’s the root cause?

Take the Liver = Thyroid Evaluation

Now, I’m not telling anyone that they should stop their medication or claiming to treat thyroid disease.  In fact, quite the opposite.  If your medical doctor prescribed you thyroid medication then you should listen to him or her.

What I’m suggesting is that there may be an underlying cause to your thyroid problem. If you identify the cause, and do the right things so your body can heal itself, maybe you won’t have a thyroid problem any longer.

Was on thyroid medication for 50 years. Been off for 1 year and lost 48 pounds.

We’ve had many patients over the last 23 years in practice that were able to come completely off their thyroid medication, others that were able to reduce their dosage significantly and others who had little to no change.

Regardless, this Liver = Thyroid Evaluation is a wonderful tool that helps us move us in the direction of understanding the possible cause to your thyroid or health problem.

After you are complete with the evaluation we’ll even call to schedule you for a Free Consultation with our Naturopath or Certified Health Coach to explain more as to how we can help.

Liver = Thyroid Evaluation

Toxins, molds, viruses, adrenal fatigue and genetic defects are just a few of the almost 40 different things that can cause or contribute to thyroid problems. The Thyroid & Weight Evaluation is the first major step in identifying the cause.

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