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You are supporting a great cause!  Raising food for the less fortunate.

Date: Saturday November 17, 2018

Cost: $20 or FREE if You Bring a Nonperishable Food Item Such as as Canned Food.

Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Location: AlternaCare Office at the Publix Shopping Center at Thomas Cross Roads.

Address: 90 Glenda Trace, Newnan, GA 30265

You are going to learn a tremendous amount regarding health and the true cause as to why people struggle with weight and health problems.

Get ready to have lots of fun!  Bring your family and friends!

We have donated over 17,500 food items to the One Roof Food Bank in Newnan and Atlanta Community Food Bank combined.

Alternacare Holistic Healthcare donates items to food bank

Attendees who do not bring a food item must pay $20 as an attendance fee.

Click Here to Invite Your Friends and Family to the Workshop.

If you need immediate help please feel free to contact my Director of Public Relations, Bethany:

Office: (770) 304-1500

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I look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr. Rob

Pam and Rob at Workshop 11-4-17

Dr. Rob and his wife Pam

Workshop Topics and Gifts:

  • Free E-book With Over 100 Recipes.

  • Free E-book,  Dr. Rob’s Healthy Living Handbook.

  • Eating Healthy on the Go!

  • Meals to Support Hormonal Balance.

  • Meals to Improve Brain Function, Mood and Emotions.

  • Meals to Support Healthy Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels.

  • Fat Burning Desserts!

  • Sample 10 Different Meals.

  • Energy & Immune Supporting Meals!

  • Meal Prepping for Success.

  • What to Eat When You Eat Out.

  • Time Saving Meals.

  • Eating Amazing Tasty Meals During the Holidays so You Can Lose or Maintain Your Body Weight.

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Your body type might be the problem.

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