Stress Tongue Syndrome

Category: Blog, Videos • Aug 25 2021

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Stress Tongue Syndrome

Stress Tongue Syndrome is a phenomenon that is connected to three health issues, gut problems, adrenal problems or thyroid problems. What creates Stress Tongue Syndrome?  Stress Tongue Syndrome is created by a suctioning of the mouth that pushes the tongue into the sides of the teeth creating ridges along the edges of the tongue. 

Stress Tongue Syndrome can happen when a person is overly stressed and their adrenal glands are very fatigued.  The action of creating a vacuum and pushing their tongue into the sides of their teeth causing ridges on the sides of the tongue is usually done unknown to the person.

Stress Tongue Syndrome can also be caused by the intestinal tract. If a person has H. pylori infection, a Gut Staph overgrowth or a Stomach Strep overgrowth they can start to reflux contents of their stomach up to their mouth.

This can be pronounced like in GERD, when they feel heartburn or it may not be pronounced like when a person has LPR (Silent Reflux). LPR happens often at night time without a person knowing.  This can create inflammation or swelling of the tongue. When the tongue swells it will push against the sides of the teeth causing Stress Tongue Syndrome.

The last phenomenon that occurs  with Stress Tongue Syndrome has to do with the thyroid gland. When a person has thyroid problems  present you can actually have swelling of the tongue. And again, as the tongue swells it pushes into the sides of the teeth causing ridges on the edges of the tongue known as Stress Tongue Syndrome.

So check yourself for Stress Tongue Syndrome. It’s real easy to do just look at your tongue in the morning to see what is there.


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