Stomach Issues Resolved! Energy Returned! Decreased Anxiety! Enjoying Life Again!


Before coming to Alternacare, I had stomach issues for 20 years. Other symptoms included sleeplessness, anxiety, hormone imbalances, and no sex drive. I had to be very careful of the food I ate because I knew it could immediately upset my stomach and send me to the restroom. I had been on chemical anxiety medication since 1999. I had panic attacks and did not like to be in crowds. It made daily life difficult: going out to eat, grocery stores, enjoying my family and husband, every day life. I went to many different specialists and had tests done, but nothing worked.

Since starting at Alternacare, I am happy and I have a lot of energy. I now have a healthy diet plan fit for me. I go out and enjoy my life and husband again. My anxiety has decreased, and I have reduced my medication. —Heather Haller




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