Category: Children, Patient Testimonials, Sinus/Allergies • Jun 1 2012

Teddy Molettier

The main symptom that brought my son Teddy to Alternacare was he has Apraxia of speech that presented 15 months after he had received his vaccinations.  We tried speech therapy three times a week and occupational therapy one time a week.  We even changed to a new pediatrician but nothing seemed to help.  I was frustrated and heartbroken for my son.  His communication challenges were making it hard to play with his friends and this resulted in behavior problems that made it difficult for all of us.  We were distraught over how some children were treating Teddy and devastated by the changes that had resulted from the vaccinations.

After I brought Teddy in to Alternacare his speech and attention span has gotten much better.  He has a much more consistently sweet disposition and he plays better with other children.  Initially his speech was only 10% intelligible to strangers and now it is 30% to 40% intelligible.  This drastic improvement in speech has helped us all around such as church groups, play dates and preschool.  His allergies are greatly improved and his new diet has helped our whole family eat better.  We are thrilled with his improvements.

Lara Molettiere


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