I kept getting the flyer with the body types on them.  I read some testimonies and decided to attend the next Healthy Self workshop. I was impressed and decided to join Alternacare to see what could be done for me. I was having problems with sleep, my energy level was low. I had extreme hot flashes, weight gain, and brain fog.  After various tests to determine what I needed to do to improve by body internally (toxins) I was on my way.  After 3 weeks following the program, my hot flashes were gone. I have more energy, rest well at night and wake up refreshed, my thought process has improved. My hair was really rough and I couldn’t do much with it, now it is softer and more manageable. I lost weight and I feel like a person in control again. I am glad that I decided to go to Alternacare.

Many thanks to the staff, Dr. DeBease and Dr. Truax who worked with me on a constant basis.

Lilian Henry



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