The main symptom that brought me to Alternacare was insomnia but I also had depression, bloating and fatigue.  I tried taking melatonin, dieting, diet pills, laxatives and energy drinks but nothing helped my symptoms.  I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning but at night I couldn’t fall asleep until sometime after 2pm.  I had no energy for anything extra in my life other than the bare minimum it took me to get through the day.  I started to feel alienated from my family.  I was irritable and yelled at my kids easily.  I felt like everyone thought I was just being lazy when I was really feeling like I hit a brick wall.

After I came to Alternacare I spent more time helping my kids with their homework without getting irritable.  I got more done during the day and actually looked forward to planning and getting things done.  I lost 7 pounds, my sleep improved, my anxiety improved and my energy went up.  Thank you Alternacare!

Amy Harrelson


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