Sleep, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Muscle and Joint Pain

When I first came to Alternacare, I had muscle and joint problems. My blood pressure and cholesterol was also a problem.   I could not walk for very long and steps were a problem. I have always been a person with high energy and a lot of flexibility, and now I felt as though I was in my 80’s instead of 61 years old. Now I feel as I did back in my 40”s. It is great to get out of bed with a great attitude. I no longer have to go running to my coffee pot to wake up in the morning. I can sleep at night and the pain in my legs and hips are gone. My sleep is restful, I say my prayers at night and I am out like light.
My cholesterol has improved from 270 in 3 months to 207. My good cholesterol has gone up, and my bad went down. I recommend anybody with health issues to come to Alternacare. You will be pleased with your results.
Janet Rogers


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