Sleep, Anxiety, Inward Trembling

I came to Alternacare after seeing the ad in the paper. Someone had also recommended coming here so I decided to come. I had been dealing with anxiety, insomnia, inward trembling, and just overwhelming feeling all the time. I never felt like I completely recovered after having my third child. After testing was done, I was told I had some adrenal fatigue. I had most of the symptoms. It was a relief to finally understand what was causing my problems.
Dr. Rob, Dr. Poli, Nola and the entire team at Alternacare have helped me tremendously. Now I feel I fall asleep quickly and find that I sleep deeper than I have in a long time. The anxiety and inward trembling now occurs rarely. I’m amazed at how much better I now feel and I’ve been educated in how my body functions and how nutritional supplements deal with the problems, and not just mask the symptoms. Thanks to Alternacare my health is great!
Michelle Felton


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