Sinuses, Energy, Indigestion and Weight

When I first came to Alternacare I was really tired, I hurt all over, I was weepy and fatalistic and simply depressed. I was sleeping every afternoon for two or three hours. I couldn’t grasp a glass and set it back down, I couldn’t even go upstairs in our home. Even doing the laundry wore me out. I would have to sleep for two hours after I did the laundry. My shoulders hurt so bad I couldn’t move my head from side to side or reach for something high. My elbows felt as if they had tendinitis. I had indigestion/reflux all the time and slept sitting up against pillows. My face-sinuses hurt all the time and I was hooked on sinus nose spray.
Now I am ME Again! The only time my hip hurts is at the end of a very long day, but it is not nearly as intense as it was. My energy is improving and I have also lost forty-three pounds and can wear all my old clothes again!


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