Shoulder and Neck Pain – Ester Teagle

Category: Uncategorized • Jun 1 2008

EsterTeagle.jpgFor years I had suffered with numbness and tightness in my shoulders and neck. For some months later I started to experience sharp pain in those areas. I started to have unrelenting pain in my shoulder and neck area a few weeks ago. It was a sharp pain in front of the left shoulder and then tightness and numbness extended all the way to both shoulders through my upper back. I finally went to a doctor where they prescribed me some muscle relaxers, that did not help much.
After 2 weeks of treatment at Alternacare Health & Rehab the unrelenting pain is gone. I’m not as tense and tight in my muscles as before I started treatments. Some of my stiffness if gone as well. The great thing is, is that I can sit straight again.

Ester Teagle


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