Shoulder and Back Pain – Marie Young

Category: Uncategorized • Jun 4 2008

MarieYoung.jpgI had suffered from back pain since 1998. The pains were in my low back, and would move down into my legs after a short time of standing. In 2001, I was placed in a wheel chair to help me get around since I was unable to stand. I started having problems with my shoulders after I was placed in the wheel chair due to pushing myself around. The medical doctor whose care I was under told me that there was nothing I could do for my pain other than taking pain medicines. I was hesitant at first to take the medicine, but the pain got to be so bad, I had to. I was averaging 2 pain pills a day for the pains.
I brought my Mother into "Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab", while I was here with her I had a free consultation. I had been a RN for years, but I did not know a lot about chiropractic care. I was very leery. I decided that I would try anything to get better. Once I came in for my first visit I knew that I was going to get better here. After my second treatment I was able to walk and not use my wheel chair!!!! I have been coming to Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab now for 3 weeks. I am still wheel chair free, and I am no longer taking ANY pain medicines. I did not think that anything could help me with the pains I had, but I am so grateful that I gave chiropractic care a chance!

Marie Young


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