The hidden reason why some people can’t lose weight = TOXINS

One of the first things you need to understand is that when something is bad for the body the body tries to eliminate that thing. When it can’t eliminate it the body will then try and contain it so it Pesticidescan’t spread or cause damage. We see this a lot with cancer. Many times people have cancer cells in their body but the immune system quickly identifies the cancer cells and destroys them. When the cancer cells are growing to quickly and the immune system can not destroy the cancer cells the body then contains the cancer cell by forming a tumor. A tumor is the body’s way of making sure the cancer doesn’t spread to the rest of the body.

Toxic chemicals can damage the vital organs of the body. The body tries to eliminate these toxic chemicals. However, when there are too many toxins or Belly Fat Close UPif the body’s detoxification system is damaged the body can not eliminate all the toxins. The way the body handles this is by moving the toxins away from the organs and glands. Meaning the body does not want toxins near the heart, brain or lungs so it has to find someplace safe for the toxins. Since many toxins are fat soluble the body will move the toxins into the fatty tissue. The fat surrounds the toxins and keeps them there. The main problem with this is; the body has two things it can do: it can break down the fat and allow the toxins back into the blood stream where they can cause damage or the body can slow the metabolism and prevent the breakdown of the fat so the toxins do not get back into the body. Which do you think the body picks? See, the body is trying to protect the vital organs from the toxic substances so it will not break down the fats.

Toxins Diagram

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